Best Ways To Clean Floor


Learning the correct process to clean your floors will keep it great and presentable, whether it is carpet, linoleum, tiles, wood or granite. Usual process that we are doing at home is just mopping and sweeping and this will just remove dust from the floor.

By learning the correct way of cleaning the floors, will help you to save more time and energy. Plus, you will get the result that you are really expecting.

Identifying what type of flooring you have will help you to find out what is the best way to clean it. Here are the common types of floor that is being used at home.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile


Most homeowners choose to use ceramic or porcelain tiles in their houses. It is easy to clean and has a low cost of maintenance. When buying the perfect design, try to consider what is the best color that will suits in the design of your home.

Hardwood and Bamboo


These two types have the same performance, maintenance cost and the process of installation.

Hardwood is not a good choice for any room that frequently gets wet or sees a lot of traffic, including bathrooms, laundry rooms, and mudrooms. Hardwood is easy to install because it can be glue down or nail-down.



Laminate flooring is made with an medium density fiberboard core topped with a photo layer and a thick polymer finish. It is very low-cost to use laminate in replacement to use hardwood.


Using carpet as your flooring is one of the most creative decision because it comes with different style, color and type. It is easy to install and it really looks great when it’s new.

Just a reminder, don’t use carpet in bathrooms and kitchen because it is unsanitary. Most especially, when stains or left over food spoil in your carpet.

Vinyl and Linoleum


Vinyl and linoleum are different materials but are similar types of use in flooring. This type of flooring is highly durable and good to use in common areas of your house like kitchens and bathrooms.

Because it's made with natural materials, linoleum can be more attractive and safer to use because it is made of natural materials.

By knowing what type of floors you have, you will be able to identify what is the best way to clean it. Here are some basic steps in cleaning your floors:

Sweep the Floor

  1. Sweep the common area. You need to sweep your kitchen floor 1-2 days to keep it clean. Why? Because this is the area that is being use all the time.

  2. Good shape broom. Choosing a great shape broom to use in cleaning is one way to help you save time in cleaning floors. When buying, look for a broom that the bristle are intact and not easy to be askew.

  3. Toward the exit. Start sweeping by the corner of each room or area towards the center. If you need to move some furniture to reach above it, please do so. This is to make sure that you remove all the dust under the furniture.

  4. Dustpan. Using a dustpan will make your life easy in collecting all the dirt. If there is any dirt left behind, use a paper towel to remove it.

Vacuum Floors

  1. Most used areas. Kitchens and living room are the common area that needs to be vacuum for at least two or three times a week. These are the area that is being use were moist is active and germs from the outside.

  2. Bedroom first. To clean surfaces, furniture and tables, use a microfiber cloth. Don’t forget to shake out your curtains, as we all now curtains is one of the favorite place of dust to live in.

  3. All the toys or carpets. You need to move them wile vacuuming the floor to make sure that you cover all the area and every place is being vacuumed.

  4. Vacuum Maintenance. It is a must that you always maintained the cleanliness of your vacuum. After using it for cleaning, make sure that you remove all the dust and debris from the the dust bag or containers.

  5. Clean the rest of the room. Clean the room in one direction and then move into a different angle. This will help you make sure that you clean the room thoroughly.

Mopping Wood, Tiles and Linoleum Floors

  1. Once a week. Areas that is being used frequently must be mopped twice a week. While the other areas can be mop for at least once a week. This is to keep the floors clean and neat.

  2. Use a bucket with hot water and cleaning solution. Using a dish washing, hot water and cup of vinegar will definitely help you to clean the floor. It is also safe to use a DIY solution rather than using a strong chemical based products. But if you have a specific product that you want to use, it is totally fine.

  3. Cotton mop. There are a lot of different mops in store, but using a classic cotton mop is much better. This is easy to clean and use rather than using a sponge or foamy mop which is much more difficult to clean.

  4. Dirty water off the floor. If there is any left over water on the floor after mopping, wring the mop out again into the bucket that you are using and swish it again on the floor.

    You can repeat the process as many times as needed to remove the excess water on the floor.

  5. Brush the floor. A cleaning solution will do the work for you, spread the mixture that you make and use the mop to brush the floor. Brush the floor from side to side stroke, to make sure that you cover all the sides of the floor.

Now you don’t have to worry anymore that you need to clean your floor. By following these steps, you can now maintain the cleanliness of your floor and it will be easier for you to do it, if you want to do it on your own. Just make sure that you choose the right equipment and cleaning products to avoid damaging your floor.

Having a clean floors will definitely make you feel better when you get home after a very tiring day. Seeing your floors clean is like looking into a reward as a best employee of the year.

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