Streak-Free and Spotless Windows


Having a clean house is such a big task to do. Being busy from work and tired everyday is always our excuse for not cleaning the house. Windows are one of the best assets that a house have.

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Cleaning windows is always a hard task to do because you need to be extra careful when cleaning it. Using the wrong equipment or product might damage your window and can leave scratches as well.

There are a lot of ways that you can do to achieve a streak-free and spotless windows. By doing this, you can let your guess to have an impression in your house that every side of the house is clean and free from any type of dirt.

Here are some ways on how to clean your windows at home:

Ready all your Cleaning Materials

There are a lot of materials that you need to ready when you start cleaning your windows. You need to choose the correct equipment and cleaning solution that you are going to use.

  • Vinegar or a mineral deposit cleaner for stubborn stains

  • Scraper or razor for stickers, tape, paint, and sap

  • Vacuum

  • Lint-free Cloth

  • Squeegee for drying

  • Large bucket

Removing Stains

When you start cleaning windows, remove everything from the surface of the glass, bird droppings, stickers, tape, paint or other stubborn stains.

In removing stubborn stains, will require you to use some solutions and use a lint-free cloth to scrub it in your windows.

For tape, paint and sticky mess, you need to wet the area and use a scraper to remove the tape. Gently hold the scraper and press as you move forward underneath the tape. Slowly scrape it to avoid damaging your windows.

Vacuum for Windows

Before washing your windows, vacuum the sills, slashes and frames. For inside windows, you need to use a small brush and start vacuuming around the window. While for the outside windows, you can use either a vacuum, a portable vacuum or a pressure water.

Hose for Windows

Outside windows are always being abuse by dirt, debris and dust. You don’t have to worry because there is a possible way to prevent dirt from leaving any marks or streaks in your windows.

A outfitted hose with spray nozzle is very helpful because it has a pressure that can remove dirt or other build up.

Cleaning Solutions

There are a lot of cleaning solutions that is for sale in store. But the most important is the technique and tools that you are going to use to achieve a spotless and perfect windows.

Windows Scrubbing

You need to prepare a mixture of your chosen cleaning solution and water. Dip your sponge or lint free cloth and squeeze it gently so it’s not dripping wet. Now, wipe the entire window pane with the cloth or sponge, also apply a little pressure to evenly coat the cleaner.

The best way to make sure that everything is cover, do the zig zag motion. Before moving to the next window make sure that you clean and dry the first one.

Drying Windows

After coating your windows with your cleaning solution, grab your rubber squeegee to wipe the water away. Always start at the top of the window, do the horizontal move, from one side going to the other side of the window. After each stroke, wipe your rubber squeegee using a lint-free cloth.

When you are wiping down, make sure that the squeegee is in place of contact to your window during each swipe.

One key of achieving a streak free window is by using a new rubber squeegee. You can always replace the rubber on your squeegee, it is available in any hardware shop or store.

Excess Water

Every after windows that you clean, there is always excess water that’s dripped or accumulated around the edges, use a dry cloth or towel to remove those excess water.

If you are not going to dry it, it might cause mold build-up or worst it can damage your windows.

Always Dry your Squeegee

To make sure that your will achieve a streak free windows, always dry your squeegee. Using it wet will leave marks on your windows, and it will cause the streaks when the water dries.

Change your Water with Cleaning Solution

Using dirty water in cleaning your windows can leave dust and can create streaks in your windows.

Once you notice that your water is already dark and not clear anymore, its time to change your water with solution.


In cleaning windows sometimes there are mistakes that we are doing. Here are some tips on how to avoid those mistakes.

Pulling off the squeegee

When using your squeegee make sure that it stay contact in your windows because, pulling off the squeegee in the middle of your work will leave water behind and it can create streaks on your windows.

Always apply a little pressure when using your squeegee, when you swipe from one side going to the other side.

Distilled Water for Cleaning your Windows

Using non-distilled water can leave marks on your windows and can cause streaks. That is because of the minerals or other elements that was left behind in that water.

One more thing, when non-distilled evaporates from your windows, it will leave visible marks.

Don’t Stop Cleaning

Don’t let someone or anything interrupt you when you are cleaning your windows. Because letting the cleaning solution and water dry, will leave marks on your windows.

Once you start cleaning the windows, make sure that you move as fast as you can, to ensure that the cleaning solution will not dry by itself on your windows.

Stop Using Absorbent Cloths

In using absorbent cloths to rub your dry windows is not a correct way of cleaning your windows. You are just removing the moisture and dirt around the windows, but you are not cleaning it properly.

The correct equipment to dry your window is a squeegee because it’s just don’t absorb moisture from spot. In that way, you will achieve a streak free windows.

Stop Using Newspaper

I understand that we believed in this hacks for many years. But please stop using newspaper in cleaning your windows. It will not help you to clean windows because it will leave marks on your windows because of the ink.

Spray Bottles

Using a spray bottles is not advisable in cleaning your windows because it doesn’t deposit equal amount of cleaning solution when you spray it.

It is better to use a sponge or cloth that you soak in your bucket with your cleaning solution, because in this way you can apply evenly to your windows.

When is the best time to clean your windows?

Clean your Windows on a Cloudy Day

One of the main causes of streak is letting the cleaning solution dry by itself. During Sunny days, cleaning products will dry faster, so it will not give you much time to wipe it off. Make sure that you wipe it right away after you coat your windows using your cleaning solution.

Choose a Calm Day

Another reason to make your cleaning solution dry faster is during windy day. Not only dry your cleaning solution faster, but it will blow dirt as well to your windows.

Choose the Right Season

Usually windows are being clean two times a year, but it still depends on how many times you would like your windows to be clean. You only need to avoid cleaning your windows is during Winter because of the freezing temperature, warm water and wet windows can lead to crack glass.

Having a clean windows is also letting the sun as your natural light at home. You can save money and also it will help to bring out the natural beauty of your home.

Keeping your windows clean is not easy, it requires a lot of work and eats up a lot of time. There are cleaning company that can definitely helps you in cleaning your windows to achieve a streak-free and spotless windows.